Cross-border advice

Companies, people, and merchandise are becoming increasingly mobile – and are consequently crossing national boundaries.

Where must taxes be paid?
Which legal system will then apply, e.g. for buying goods or for employment contracts?
Where must social security contributions be paid?
Where must notifications be submitted?

These and other questions are put to us every day here on the border with France. From them, we have developed an extensive international/cross-border service that is guaranteed by experienced employees of different nationalities who speak at least two languages.

And if we come up against our limits, we cooperate with foreign colleagues or provide you with competent partners whom we trust.

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International tax consulting

Despite increasing mobility, the individual countries’ tax regulations still vary widely. To ensure that cross-border complexities do not become pitfalls, we advise you on e.g.:

  • the application and interpretation of double tax treaties
  • the structuring of inbound investments in Germany
  • transfer prices, license fees, royalties, etc. between associated companies
  • international tax-burden comparisons
  • cross-border optimizations
  • issues relating to cross-border commuters

We can also deal with the preparation of French income tax and sales tax returns for you.

We know how, we know the score, and we know who we have to approach. Due to our close proximity to the German-French border, we have specialized on the advice in international / cross-border tax and legal issues.

Expatriate service

Europe is borderless only at first glance. As soon as employees, for example, start working in one country but live in another, the issue of taxation, social security, and applicable employment law becomes virulent. But if the jobs involve working in several countries, that is a case for the professionals. There can be no general answer to the question of where taxes and social security contributions are payable, but there can be individual answers.

We know how that’s done!

Corporate transactions in Germany

You want to tap the German market? – To do this, you’ll have to deal with a foreign country, a foreign culture and language, and of course an unfamiliar legal and tax system. Your connection with your home country, too, must be managed sensibly.

We advise you if, for example, you are trying to choose between setting up a new company and acquiring an existing one, and when choosing the most suitable structure from a commercial, legal, and fiscal perspective.

We know what you need in Germany!

We advise and represent foreign creditors, including banks, lawyers, and bailiffs, but naturally also companies or private individuals, in relation to the enforcement of their foreign titles vis-à-vis debtors who are working or based in Germany.

What possibilities do you have? European enforcement order? Salary pledge or bank account pledge? The auctioning of real estate? What formalities must be observed? What costs will you incur?

We know what’s possible!


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